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Digital Marketing Introduction
About digital Marketing
Difference between Traditional marketing and digital marketing

What is web technology?


Website Development

What is WordPress?

WordPress checklist

Difference Betweeen &

Pages and Post.

Menu and Categories

Informative and Ecommerce website


Add stripe payment gateway


Seo Plugin

How to add location in your website

Rss Feeds

How to Fetch Gmb Reviews on website


Search engine optimization (SEO)

History of Seo
what is Search engine optimization (SEO)
What is search engine?

How Search engine works?

Introduction to SERP

Important Algorithms in Google 

Types of SEO

Several types of SEO techniques

On-Page SEO 

On Page Seo Checklist

Keyword in SEO

Keyword Research Analysis

Keyword Analysis Tools

Content Optimization 

Site Analysis

Google Keyword Planner

Redirect 301,302

What is Google Page Rank

Technical SEO

Technical Seo Checklist

Why Off Page Seo

SEO Tools

Canonicalization of URL

Amp(Accelerated Mobile pages)

Off-Page SEO

Off Page Seo Checklist

DA and PA

Do-follow and No-follow

Link Juices

Types of Backlink Submission

Link Spamming

Link Exchange (One way, two way and three way)

RSS Feeds

Guest Posting

Business listing

Google Ads

Google Ads Checklist 

Understanding Inorganic search Result

Introduction to Google Ads

Ads Account Structure

Classifications of Ads